ASM IIT Tirupati Chapter - Department of Mechanical Engineering: Technical Talk by Prof. T S Srivatsan

05th January, 2023. at 2:00 -3:00 PM, Venue: TC-1 Class Room, IIT Tirupati, India.

Vision & Mission


The vision of the department is to be a leader in imparting professional education in mechanical engineering and nurture the students to become successful entrepreneurs and responsible citizens capable of developing innovative, interdisciplinary and sustainable technologies in collaboration with academia and the industry to solve societal problems.


The mission of the department is to

  1. Develop a system that rests on the pillars of education, values, research, and leadership

  2. Design a vibrant curriculum by balancing both traditional and emerging fields

  3. Equip students with requisite knowledge and skills which will empower them to excel in their chosen careers

  4. Provide strategic resources that can enable students to translate their ideas into products

  5. Nurture a research ecosystem that encourages collaboration with industry and academia

  6. Establish state-of-the-art laboratories to provide technical assistance and expertise to the nation to propel it to the forefront in the global arena

Message from Head of Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Tirupati was established in Jul 2015. As of Fall 2020, the department comprises thirteen full-time faculty members, twelve staff members and is home to about ninety undergraduate students, and more than sixty graduate students. Our students come from various states across the union of India, and thus, contribute to the diversity of the department.

The department houses well equipped laboratories, which are used for both instruction and research. Our faculty and research scholars are actively involved in research in both conventional and new areas in Mechanical Engineering. Additionally, we also promote interdisciplinary research, and collaborate with colleagues in other departments, both within the institute and outside, including those in other countries, to identify and work on research projects common to multiple branches of science and engineering. Our major thrust areas in research include Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Materials. Renewable Energy, Theoretical and applied mechanics, and Precision Agriculture and Food Processing.

I invite you to explore life within the department, including academics, research, and other outreach activities. If you need additional information or if you have any questions, please feel free to write to me.


Madan Mohan Avulapati

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